Advertpay Income Site: Advertpay Registration Guidelines

Advertpay was a startup by a guy in UK which enabled users to earn money by watching video adertisment on the platform. The vision of the site as at when it was available was
"Our offer is impossible to resist. Which is why we are growing at an unprecedented rate. For every 10 people who read this, a whooping 9 go on to subscribe or publish an advertisement. Isn’t that great?
We can grow together. If your friends haven’t heard about us yet, we offer higher rates for every user you invite to AdvertPay. It’s super easy to invite people and you’ll find out it’s fun being the person who shares the great news about AdvertPay with others. Awesome."
Members where being categorized into diverse categories with various benefits based on their membership plan. Today we shall be exploring all of them.
Starter plan This membership plan requires a registration fee of $10 per month. Members earn up to $1 daily by watch some video ads. If the math is done, you would come to discover that you ca…

Jobirra Review : Another Income Earning Paying Platform

Hey there, my sincere welcome. You see this life most times could be actually predictable, oh yes, life is predictable but it only becomes predictable to you only if you got the experience required to predict. There is a popular saying that you can fool everybody most of the time but you cannot fool somebody some people all the time.There have been lots of Income websites coming to existence since the discovery of the Corona virus, some turned out to be a Scam while some are Legit. Oh yes. This review is going to be a quite short one (you would know the reason by the end of the article) so let's get started.
What is jobirra? Jobirra is a platform created by Paul Samson that enables people to earn by providing answers to people's questions. Oh yes, it is actually meant to be something like quora or medium. However you have to put into careful consideration that teaches founder and CEO of the system Paul Samson is one man whose name has joined the evoked set (a name that immediately…

Naijpay Review: Is Naijpay Really Paying or Scam?

Even website today seems to have naira is in lol. If you have come here to inquire from the almighty income earning, you are welcome. Many income site are springing up like never before. Can you believe that I have being able to list over 50 income website I'm Nigera, and every single one of them usually have a form of similarity with others, this is because they mostly use the same php script (the software) with just a little customizations. Do not brother asking your question, we know why you are here, you simply want to know if naijpay is legit or probably another big scam. Well I got the answer, all you have to do is hang on and let's discover more.
What is naijpay? naijpay is just another brand of the popular income site called nnu forum. Oh yes, nothing more. It was founded by some of the richest bloggers in Nigeria, this doesn't mean it is legit as no blogger is going to finance the system. Like other Income Programs availible, Naijpay Income Program describe itself as…

Yellonaira review : Legit or Scam?

Many people fall into scams simply because they did not have the patience to read reviews like this. You see before joining any program you need a honest review. In the past I have joined a lot of income programs simply because my friend recommended them to me, luckily enough most of them are legit while others are total scam. Most people would tell you they have cashed out before just to be able to get you to register using their referral link so that they receive a commission. Other times what you see when you are now registered is quite different from what you are being told before registering. For instance, if you have never read a review concerning naijaloan, you would think all you have to do is invest #1000, refer one person and earn #5000. Of course this is what people think, and this is definitely what the website would make you believe but it is when you register you will find out that you actually need to refer 5 people before you can cash out your #5000. Go kudos and continu…

Kash Forum Review: How To Register on Kash Forum

Corona virus has opened the eyes of many people including married men and nursing mother's to the reality of making money on the internet. The few weeks of lockdown as promouced by the Federal Government has witnessed the automatic rise of various income sites with one name or the other. Some of them are total scraps, others are scams while a good number of them are legit. The good thing about these income sites is that due to the rate at which people are ready to invest online, they grow very fast, therefore they are able to pay their members. Do not forget scammers are still everywhere, in fact there is this notorious guy on Facebook who has scammed over 10 people, in fact he almost scammed me. So be very careful to investigate any platform or person before you invest your money. Today I am going to you about a new income website called Kash forum. Yeah it is just another brand of all other income sites like ATPAYS and NNU FORUM. They pay you for referring other people to the pla…